WELCOME to CEN TC 353 and the European Learning Standards!

Welcome to the website for European Standardization on Learning, Education and Training (LET) and related Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)!

CEN TC 353 is an official Technical Committee of CEN, the unique de-jure European Standardization Committee (CEN): CEN TC 353 is the official Standardization Committee of CEN for Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) for Learning, Education and Training (LET).

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The standards developed by CEN TC 353, its current structure and its members.

The Scope of CEN TC 353 is:

Produce standards in the field of information and communication technologies (ICT) relating to learning, education and training (LET).

The European Standards (EN), Technical Specifications (TS) and Technical Reports (TR) that are developed will have a well-defined European scope. These may include:

  • Development of CWAs and other specifications into standards, if appropriate
  • Development of national standards into European standards

Learning, education and training in Europe relies heavily on the growing use of information and communications technologies.

The European society, application sectors, markets, national and regional education and training systems are sufficiently mature in the usage of ICT for LET to require European specific standards.

The CEN Technical Committee (TC) 353 focuses on standards for European policies, competences, quality, interoperability and frameworks.